Presidential Suite Raffle


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The raffle tickets are only sold in groups of 5 therefore the minimum purchase is $25.00 or 5 tickets.

There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase, so feel free to purchase as many as you want. Remember, the more tickets that you purchase the better your odds of winning!!

The tickets will be assigned by number beginning with 1- (10000 or as many as are purchased) in the order (date and time) of your purchase via PayPal. Even though the tickets are sold in increments of five (5), each individual ticket will be assigned a number.

We will draw the winner on May 5, 2021 and contact the winner via the email address listed in their PayPal transaction. Be sure to list a valid email address that you check often.

The suite will be free of charge to the winner and available for the full 6 days of the reunion block dates. Some taxes could apply but as of this writing we are being told there will be no taxes.

The raffle tickets purchased do not qualify for a member discount.

You must attend the reunion, and be fully registered with us, and have a room reservation, or have your name tied to a room reservation on the pickup report generated by the hotel to qualify.

If there is a second person listed in your reservation it can be used by them if you do not attend.

You can’t assign or give the suite to another person/reservation, it must go to your room reservation.

If you are unable to use the suite, we will draw a second name and assign the suite to them.

The Presidential suite raffle holds no cash value so there is no monetary credit to anyone however, we are told that it would cost someone in excess of $600.00 per night to book the suite.

The monies generated by the raffle will be used to enhance our reunions by purchasing badly needed AV equipment.

Contact for questions or visit the FAQ on our website.


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